Have Questions about the Fast Pass wash Program? Read through our FAQs

An RFID sticker will be put on your windshield that will allow you to wash as many times as you want each month (during operating hours, weather permitting). To maintain membership your credit card will be charged monthly, and you can change your plan or cancel at any time.

Unfortunately, no. The FastPass provides unlimited washes each month for one individual vehicle.

Your fast pass will recharge each month on the day you signed up.

Canceling?! Its ok, we understand. Stop in and talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives, or fill out this short form to complete your FastPass cancellation. You can always sign back up later!

They’re always on during business hours and always free.

Yes! We accept all major credit and debit cards along with cash.

Sorry to say we do not. We are an exterior express car wash only, but we do have free vacuums for you to use!

Yes, through the whole car wash experience you never need to leave the drivers seat. Sit back, relax and enjoy your clean car!

We do not accept vehicles that are taller than 7’3 and no wider than “85 inches. We do not wash Conversion Vans, Limousines, Light Bars (unless flush with vehicle), truck bed must be empty (no gas tanks/pumps in bed of trucks), no ladder/bike rack holders, no wheel chair lifts. Not responsible for damage to vehicles 10+ years, also not responsible for after-market parts.

Nope! We are locally owned and operated by car wash industry experts that call North East Ohio home.