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The Ultimate Wash delivers the absolute best wash that Zoom Express has to offer. Building off the tremendous cleaning and protection offered in the Super Wash, the Ultimate Wash finishes its cleaning process by polishing and waxing the surface of the vehicle, delivering a noticeable shine that is sure to turn heads. Tire shine is applied, glazing your tires with a high gloss finish and featuring the auto-towel dry, your vehicle will leave clean, dry and shiny.


The Super Wash checks almost every box a car wash customer could ask for! Adding on to the Express Plus Wash’s cleaning and wheel blasting, the Super Wash provides an under body flush to wash away corrosive salt and road contaminates from below your vehicle and protect against future grime. Also included is a paint sealing protection chemistry process that creates a lasting barrier against dirt and debris. The final stage of the Super Wash is the auto-towel dry machine that buffs and shines vehicle surfaces and leaves your car dry.

Express Plus

Try out the Express Plus Wash if you need a quick, cost efficient wash and your wheels need some extra attention. The Express Plus Wash mirrors the Express Wash and adds on new cleaning functions to blast away tough brake dust and road grime from vehicle wheels and rims. Wheel blasters and concentrated chemistry get your wheels back shining!


Our Express Wash is a fast, inexpensive way to improve the appearance of your vehicle. If you maintain your car and like driving it clean the Express Wash is the most cost efficient way to keep your car looking great. Our industry leading chemistry and equipment process gently lifts road grime and dirt off your vehicle.